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Publié le 1 April 2021

Prepare yourself for the oral expression test of the TEF

If you are taking the TEF and would like to know everything to prepare for the oral expression part of the test, this article is for you!

What does the oral expression test consist of?

The oral expression test consists of a face-to-face exchange with an examiner and is made up of two sections: section A (5 minutes) and section B (10 minutes).

During each section, you will be asked to participate in a role play on a given topic. This topic can be related to an advertisement, an advertisement in a newspaper or a job offer. 

For section A, you have to be curious. Your objective is to obtain as much information as possible about an advertisement or an activity you will have to discuss about. To do so, you will have to ask your examiner questions or rephrase his or her answers in order to obtain more information.


You have read an ad for XXXXXXXX and you are interested. You call for more information.

→ Ask about ten questions.
→ Your examiner plays the role of your interlocutor.

For section B, you have to be convincing. Your objective is to present an activity to your interlocutor and persuade him/her to participate. You will have to give your opinion and use examples to illustrate what you are saying.  


You have read an ad for XXXXXXXXX. You tell a friend about it.

→ Present him/her with this document.
→ Try to convince him/her to XXXXXXXXX.
→ Your examiner plays the role of your friend.

For information, these sections are systematically recorded to allow a double evaluation.

How can I work on my oral expression?

The oral expression test consists of a dialogue between you and your examiner, which can seem scary at first sight.

Here are some tips to help you on the exam day: 

  • Before the exam, practice speaking, especially if you are not very comfortable with it. At home, feel free to practice out loud by imagining yourself interacting with the examiner.
  • Also, don’t forget to time yourself, this will help you find the right rhythm on the test day.
  • Most importantly, assimilate the French language by listening to the radio or watching films and series. All of this will help you reinforce what you have learned and will give you more confidence on the day of the test.

Finally, to prepare yourself for the test format, you can consult the tutorial, the preparation video and some subjects examples dedicated to the oral expression test.

Some advice to pass the oral expression test, by Amandine, education manager: 

1. Vary your vocabulary, while using an appropriated tone.
2. For section B, put yourself in your interviewer’s shoes and act as if  he or she does not know the topic you are presenting.
3. For the purpose of the exercise, your interlocutor will never agree with you. Remain focused! 
4. Be yourself, just like in your everyday life!


In which TEF can I find the oral expression test?

You will have to take the oral expression test whether you are taking the TEF Canada, the TEFAQ, or the TEF IRN. However, in some exams,  only section B is required:

TEF IRN, TEF Carte de résident


Duration of the test:

– 10 minutes – 2 topics to be covered

Duration of the test:

· 15 minutes – 2 topics to be covered

Composition of the test:

– Help a friend to take a decision

-Ask questions about a service


Composition of the test:

· Section A – Get information (5 minutes)

· Section B – Argue to Persuade (10 minutes).



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