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Publié le 7 March 2024

How can I find out my CLB level through my TEF Canada results?

You have just passed the TEF Canada, and you would like to find out your CLB level?

Here’s what you need to know.

How do I get my overall CLB level?

First, go to your results certificate. To see a sample certificate, click here.

In the last column titled CLB, you will find your CLB level for each skill. 

For further information on CLB levels, please consult the IRCC website. 

Your lowest CLB score will be considered as your overall CLB level.  For instance, if three of the four TEF scores are CLB 8 each and the fourth score is CLB 7, then your overall level will be CLB 7. 

How do I send my results to the IRCC website? 

To fill up your results on your profile online, please refer to “Equivalent old score” column

For each test (written comprehension, oral comprehension, written expression, and oral expression), enter the score from the “Equivalent old score” column.

You must also attach your results certificate to your application.

Please note that your TEF Canada results are valid for two years and must remain valid throughout the IRCC examination of your application.

How many points are my CLB levels equivalent to?

The points earned in the “Language Skills” section is directly proportional to the TEF Canada scores. The higher the TEF scores, higher the points.

However, please note that the requirement for language skills depends on the nature of application (immigration or citizenship or programme you are applying for). 

For more information on Immigration and Citizenship, please visit the official website of the Government of Canada.

What is the CLB?

The Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) are the Canadian standards used to describe, measure, and recognize the French language proficiency  of candidates to allow immigration to work and reside in Canada.

In Canada, each of your language skills (reading, listening, writing, and speaking) is measured on a scale that has 3 stages and 12 milestones (or benchmarks) : stage I or beginner (CLB 1 to 4) stage II or intermediate (CLB 5 to 8) stage III or advanced (CLB 9 to 12)

• stage I or beginner (CLB 1 to 4)

• stage II or intermediate (CLB 5 to 8)

• stage III or advanced (CLB 9 to 12)