CCI Paris Ile de France

French for Business


Quand le français est une force

Representing the interests of more than 840 000 French companies, the Paris Île-de-France Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) believes that being able to work in several languages is a precious added value for individuals, executives and companies.

French is spoken by 274 million people in the world, it is the 2nd language learnt and the 3rd language used for business purposes. Considering the demographic and economic growth of French speaking areas, mostly in Africa, these figures will definitely increase in the coming years.

Speaking French gives access to a French-speaking clientele, enables new markets to be developed and leads to a greater number of exchanges and partnerships.

As a key player in the education field, through its renowned business and vocational schools, the Paris Île-de-France Regional CCI is deeply involved in training future talents and assessing professional skills.

Through its service Le français des affaires / French for Business, created in 1958, it develops and administers tests and diplomas.

The Test d’évaluation de français (TEF), created in 1998, was the first standardized test created to evaluate an individual’s level of French. It is mainly used in the scope of application procedures for residency, citizenship or access to higher education in France, Quebec or Canada.

The Diploma in French for Professions (DFP), created in 1958, attest the ability to use French in different professional contexts (Business, International Relations, Tourism-Hospitality-Catering and Healthcare). More than 85 000 individuals take each year the TEF and DFP, thanks to a network of 450 affiliated centers in 130 countries.

Le français des affaires also provides teacher training courses related to its tests and diplomas, along with tools to prepare for them, as well as training in the design and implementation of training systems in professional French.