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Diplomas in French for Professions

In an increasingly competitive global market, businesses seek capable workers that are adapted to a globalized world. Among sought-after qualities in employees, fluency in multiple languages is an indispensable asset. French is one of the more valuable languages to master.

Not only is French the third most widely spoken language in the business world, it’s also the official language of the francophone world, which is comprised of 83 countries on 5 continents, containing 16% of the world’s population.

Certifying your ability to work in french in your job sector, no matter your level (A1- beginner to C1 – advanced), will make you a more valuable job candidate. Add a Diploma in French for Professions to your CV today!

Which organizations recognize Diplomas in French for Professions?

The Paris Île-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry has developed Diplomas in French for Professions for businesses and young professionals.

Academic Recognition

Diplomas in French for Professions are offered by 123 universities and management schools around the world, including Duke University, Durham University, MGIMO University, Moscow State University, Bocconi University, the University of Milan, and HEC Paris.

The CEMS (Global Alliance in Management Education) recognizes Diplomas in French for Professions as a valid verification of their students’ french levels in all of its 32 schools.

National and International Recognition

Diplomas in French for Professions are recognized by multiple European governments, including those of France, Switzerland, Italy, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic.

In France, they are also listed on the National Commission for Professional Certification (CNCP) website. Learn more about the CNCP here.

International Recognition

The International Organization of La Francophonie recognizes and recommends the Diploma for International Relations in French as a means of validating french levels for various international programs.

Additionally, the Diplomas in French for Business have been recognized by ALTE, an internationally-renowned language testing organization, as being one of the leading tests of french linguistic ability in the field of business.

How is the exam broken down?

The examinations are taken online, followed by an oral interview.

The examinations are divided into two parts:

1- Understanding and processing information (between 45 mins. and 2 hrs. depending on the level)

  • Processing written information
  • Processing oral information
  • Written communication

2- Oral interaction (between 5 and 15 min depending on the level, including preparation time)

  • Two situational activities

The levels offered :

Basic +
Independant +
Relations internationales
    X X X
  X X X  

Beginning in 2019, Diplomas in French for Health, Law, Science and Technology, and Fashion will no longer be accessible. A new online version of the Diploma in French for Health will be available beginning in 2020.

How can I prepare?

You can find the list of all of our testing centers online. Some centers offer preparatory courses for Diplomas in French for Professions . Feel free to contact a center near you, or contact us ( to learn more.

We also have a large number of online tools to help you prepare for your exam:

  • Training tutorials
  • Practice tests
  • Activities and articles with our partners TV5 Monde and RFI Savoirs.

Find our tools on our page Preparing for the Test

How and where can I sign up to pass the test?

Diplomas are available to all students and professionals who want to obtain certification of their level of competency in French in a professional context.

The tests are available to all candidates over the age of 16.

To register for a test, contact a test center near you. You may either take the test that corresponds to the skills you wish to certify, or register for a preparation course, if offered by a nearby test center.

If you believe your situation requires a special arrangement, please notify the test center before registering. The center will inform you of the proper procedure to follow to ensure that Le Français des Affaires provides appropriate testing conditions.

How much does a Diploma in French for Professions cost?

The prices of Diplomas are determined by each test center.

Contact the center closest to you to learn about the prices and dates of exams. You can find center contact information here.

How do I get my results?

After Le français des affaires has received and corrected your exam, you will be sent an email within about 4 to 6 weeks, containing a link that will enable you to access your secure digital area and obtain your diploma.

See an example of a diploma