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Français Operandi

Français Operandi is a new training programme in professional French, aimed at existing and future professionals with few or no qualifications.

Objective: help such individuals to improve their French communication and interaction skills in their working environment.

What is Français Operandi ?

Successfully trialled in 2014 with around 100 trainees, Français Operandi is a turnkey solution for training in professional French. Aimed exclusively at jobs that are difficult to recruit for (hygiene, cleaning, catering, caring, etc.), it is designed for learners with low levels of professional qualification.

Français Operandi : real-life situations focusing on the practical aspects of the job

Based on authentic situations and designed using job-specific frames of reference and Professional Qualification Certificates (CQP), Français Operandi uses the kind of real-life experiences that learners encounter while doing their job.

Thus, by using specific situations related to their jobs, they are trained to express themselves. This results in simultaneous reinforcement of both the practical gestures and the expressions they need to use, all the time increasing their self-confidence. They learn to present themselves, report on their work, interact with their colleagues and their line manager and interact with the public more naturally, respecting established codes.

Français Operandi: a genuine professional qualification for long-term employment

In 60 to 120 hours, this course trains participants to express themselves in specific situations indicated by the frame of reference, to improve both their practical and speaking ability and to increase in self-confidence.

Français Operandi thus naturally prepares participants for a job-specific professional qualification, which is often the first stage towards stable employment.

Improve the employability of people with few or no qualifications:

– jobseekers
– those on minimum benefits
– migrants who have attended obligatory training courses aimed at helping them to integrate

– employees on “back-to-work” programmes
– part-time employees
– anyone with language requirements and/or wishing

 to begin the path towards professional qualification

Français Operandi: a progressive range of courses in “job-specific” French

Français Operandi can be offered in the following industries: catering, hygiene and cleaning, building and public works, caring, security, etc.