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TEF Changes 2023

Publié le 11 October 2023

TEF to change effective from 11th December, 2023

The format of the TEF Oral Comprehension, Written Comprehension and Vocabulary and Syntax is going to change this December, on Monday, the 11th.

These changes will impact TEF and its versions: TEF Canada and TEFAQ.

Exam preparation time is 2 months from now. This article will help you understand the changes involved and get ready for the exam.

Upcoming changes

• Goals of new developments and current changes

The test will contain more authentic themes inclining to real-life situations, keeping in mind various cultural and social diversites of Francophone countries. The audio and written contents will be based on more Francophone news articles.

Additionally, an easy format for students to navigate between the different skills enables a better test-taking experience.

• What are the changes?

Tests to be impacted:

Oral Comprehension test
Written Comprehension test
Vocabulary and syntax test
(Please note that Oral and Written Expression tests will remain the same).

1. Fewer questions in both Oral Comprehension test and Written Comprehension test. However there will be no changes in the duration of the test.

2. New types of questions to be added, which will be simpler.

Content changes of the test

► Written Comprehension (TEF, TEF Canada, TEFAQ)

What’s disappearing: passages to put in order, synonymous sentences (previously section C & D)

What’s evolving: fill-in-the-blank passages (previously section B)

What’s new: more number of passages, introduction of incomplete sentences (where a word is missing in a sentense), and simple reading exercices based on short passages and charts

► Oral Comprehension (TEF, TEF Canada, TEFAQ)

What’s disappearing: identification of radio programmes (previously section B) and phonetics (previously section D)

What’s evolving: exercises to put images in order (previously section A), exercises based on answering machine messages and public announcements (previously section B), exercises based on on-the-street interviews (previously section C)

What’s new: more audio tracks, including a radio broadcast

► Vocabulary and syntax (TEF)

What’s disappearing: exercises of identification of grammatical and spelling errors in short passages (previously section D)

What’s evolving: exercises of synonymes or synonymous word groups in short passages (previously section B).

What’s new: fill-in-the-blank passages to evaluate vocabulary and grammar.

And now, time to prepare! Please see below all necessary tools to do that.

Study Tips for you to prepare

Several resources are at your disposal:

  New training tutorials have been introduced on the exam platform.

Training tutorials for both oral expression and written expression are also available.


Sample question papers in PDF format can be downloaded easily, including sample topics for oral and written expressions.

Sample question papers – Written Comprehension
Sample question papers – Oral Comprehension + Audio trasks (ZIP format)
Sample question papers – Vocabulary & Syntax


  A new preparation guide is available on the Éditions Hachette FLE site:

TEF Livre d’entraînement Nouvelle Édition
Author: Alban MOMMÉE
Publisher: Hachette – Français langue étrangère
EAN: 9782016286678

Order your print copy today from your nearest bookdealer or on any of the online sales platforms.

You can watch our preparation workshops as well as the rebroadcast of our webinar on our Youtube channel :

Prepare for the TEF oral comprehension test
Prepare for the TEF written comprehension test
Prepare for the TEF Glossary and Structure test
[Rebroadcast – WEBINAR] – Everything you need to know about TEF developments


  The online preparation platform PrepmyTEF will be updated by the end of October. Course sheets, mock exams and exercises in the new format can be easily accessed on the platform and in english.


  Follow us on our Facebook group “Comment se préparer au TEF – Officiel” and get latest updates and information over the upcoming weeks.


Good luck to you all – you’ve got this 😊