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Publié le 2 September 2019

Get online training in French for business !

Have a look at the new online training in French for business offered by our partner Prepmyfuture.

On this website you will find:

– French for business lessons, created by our partner Pigier Algérie;

– A training module, created by our team, to get ready to take the French for Business exam.

French for business lessons

Two different online training modules are offered: A1 and B2 level. In each one of these modules can be found :

– an online placement test;

– a one semester long lesson in French for business;

– vocabulary and grammar revision sheets;

– real-life simulations;

– online exercises with detailed correction.

A French for business exam training module

This online training aims at getting candidates ready to take the French for business exam, A1 or B2 thanks to :

– Preparation sheets for candidates to understand and get ready for each one of the exam activities

– An official mock exam.

For more information, please visit Prepmyfuture.

For more resources to get ready for Diplomas in French for Professions visit our website.