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Publié le 24 June 2019

How to: Prepare for the Diploma in French for Business

You’re decided to take the Diploma in French for Business. Now it’s time to prepare. Le français des affaires website has links to a lot of resources you can use to study for the exam.

To start off, there is a guide that contains everything you need to know about the Diploma in French for Business. It is an in-depth explanation of the diploma, how it is graded, and how to prepare: here. The tutorials on the website give you an explanation of the layout of the exam. It will help you know what the test will look like There are different tutorials for each level (A1-C1) here.

How to prepareOnce you get an idea of what the exam is going to be like, you can start preparing for it.

Some French for Business centers offer courses to teach you the material. This is ideal if you prefer to be taught in a classroom, rather than learn on your own. Contact the French for Business testing centers near you to find out if they offer courses for the Diploma in French for Business. Click here to find centers near you.

If you are looking for more practice on your own, check out Radio France Internationale (RFI)’s website. They upload audio clips relating to French for Business, which you can use to practice for the French for Business exam. For the link, click here.

There are also several practice tests you can take to test yourself. The answers are uploaded below the practice tests so you can see how well you did. Here is the link: here.

If you want even more practice, consider using the application PrepMyFuture. It has exercises that adapt to your level, and target your weak points so you can keep improving. It contains exercises for levels A1-B2. Learn more here.


We talked to Amandine, an expert from our educational team, to get her advice on how to prepare! Here is what she said:

1. “Read the instructions several times: recognize the professional situation and identify what you have to do!”

 2. “Train yourself to find the important information in the documents: highlight the key points when writing, and take notes when you listen to audio clips.”

 3. “The day of the exam, imagine that you are in real professional situations: adopt appropriate language and behavior”