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Business French Diplomas

Why take a Business French Diploma?

Business French Diploma (DFP) adds value to ​your ability to work in French as well. It is a real asset on your CV and facilitates your advancement within your company or your access to new jobs.

In an increasingly competitive global market, competence in French is an advantage.

It allows you, for example:

  • to approach a Francophone company on the basis of its cultural and professional codes
  • to expand your network of customers and/or suppliers
  • to meet the expectations of a client in French
  • or to take advantage of resources available in the French language to enrich a market study.

Created in 1958, the tests for diplomas in professional French were revised and modernized in 2017, adapting their foundations to suit authentic working documents and real professional situations.

The Business French Diploma add value to your fluency in the French language as used in the worlds of Business, International Relations, and Tourism, Hospitality, Catering with levels from A1 (beginner) to C1 (advanced). on the European scale.



International Relations

Tourism, Hospitality, Catering


We also offer Diplomas in the fields of Health, Law, Science and Technology and Fashion.

Every year, we issue diplomas to an average of 6,000 students and professionals.


By whom are they recognized?

Designed and delivered by the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry for over 60 years, these Business French Diploma benefit from the influence of one of the most powerful chambers of commerce in Europe and worldwide, which represents the interests of more than 800,000 companies.

These diplomas have also been widely adopted by the schools operated by the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry and their partner schools around the world. The Diplomas in Professional French are recognized by HEC Paris and by CEMS, The Global Alliance in Management Education, which brings together more than 30 Business Schools around the world.

In the United States, more than 30 universities have integrated the Diplomas in Professional French into their curriculum; nearly 1,000 students from these universities graduate with Diplomas in Professional French every year.

All of our Business French Diploma are registered in the Inventory of the National Commission for Professional Certification (CNCP). For more info. In France, this Inventory registration makes it possible, in particular for learners undergoing training that involves taking this certification test, to make use of financing from the Personal Training Account (CPF).


How do you take the tests?

The Business French Diploma are intended for all students and professionals who wish to obtain certification of their level of competency in French in a professional context.

The tests are open to candidates over the age of 16.

You may either directly take the tests that correspond to the skills you wish to certify, or register for a preparation program at one of our authorized centres in 40 countries. Sessions are also offered for all levels of the Diplomas in Business French on the premises of the Paris of the Paris Ile-de-France CCI, located at 6, Avenue de la Porte de Champerret (Paris, 17th district), by registering here.

If you wish to test for a Business French Diploma, we can offer you a tailor-made session, also at our Parisian premises, located at Porte de Champerret (Paris, 17th district). Please contact us for such requests by email at the following address:


What does the exam include?

The examinations are taken online and followed by an oral interview.

They are actually divided into two parts:

1- Understanding and processing information (between 45 mins. and 2 hrs. depending on the level)

  • Processing written information
  • Processing oral information
  • Interacting in writing

2-Oral interaction (between 5 and 15 min depending on the level, including preparation time)

  • Two situational activities

If you believe your situation requires a special arrangement, please notify the placement centre prior to your registration. The centre will inform you of the proper procedure to follow to provide notice of your situation so that Le Français des Affaires can provide you with appropriate testing conditions.

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