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Publié le 4 July 2019

How to: Register for a Diploma Exam

You’re decided to get a Diploma in French for Professions. Now it’s time to register for the exam. Le français des affaires website (link here) has a masterlist of all approved testing centers and their contact information.There are test centers in more than 100 countries around the world. Use the link to find a center near you.

When searching for a center on Le français des affaires website, verify that the center offers Diplomas in French for Professions; if it does, “DFP” will be written under the name of the center.

Be sure to find out which Diplomas in French for Professions exams they offer and when, as not all centers offer each Diploma.

Sign up well in advance of the test date, to ensure your request has been processed in time.

If you believe you require special accommodations for testing, contact your center immediately after registering to allow for time for the appropriate accommodations to be made.

Make sure to confirm with your center that they received your registration, and that it is for both the correct date and the correct level of your French for Professions diploma.

On the test day, make sure to bring a form of identification with you to the exam. Anyone over the age of 16 can take the exam for a French for Professions Diploma, with a valid form of identification.


Jeannine, a member from our operations team, gave us some expert advice for registering for a Diploma in French for Professions exam. Here are her three tips:

1.”Before registering, research or contact your center to find out the price of registration, as it varies for each center.”

2. “Make sure you find out the deadline by which you have to register for each exam, as it is often a couple weeks before the exam takes place.”

3. “Find out how long the waiting period is between taking the test to when you get your results, to ensure you receive the diploma in time to provide it for a job interview or application.”